S.No. Id Name of the Product Programme/theme/People Institution Language No.of Mins Type
1av_2Lifelines for Livelihoods VayalagamEnglish18Video DVD
2av_4From Disaster to Preparedness CALLEnglish10Video DVD
3av_5Our Learning Journey DHANEnglish14Video DVD
4av_8Effective links DHANEnglish18Video DVD
5av_10Vedha NelluKalanjiam FoundationTamil95Video DVD
6av_14Enduring TraditionsDHANEnglish10Video DVD
7av_17Partnership for waterVayalagamEnglish7Video DVD
8av_18Mayandi BharathiCDCEnglish7Video DVD
9av_21Build People to Build PeopleDHANEnglish14Video DVD
10av_3Illuminating Lives Kalanjiam FoundationEnglish15Video DVD
11av_9KodangiVayalagamTamil−(English Subtitle)40Video DVD
12av_11Dispelling DarknessDHANTamil, Telugu, Kanadam 26Video DVD
13av_12Restoring Livelihoods DHANEnglish24Video DVD
14av_13Restoring Livelihoods − Backwater Fishing DHANEnglish12Video DVD
15av_15A Journey into the land of Freedom fightersCDCEnglish10Video DVD
16av_16Build People to build PeopleDHANEnglish18Video DVD
17av_19Revival for Survival − Ooranis and People DHANEnglish10Video DVD
18av_20Combating DessertificationCALLEnglish10Video DVD
19av_1Gurthimpu Our Identity Kalanjiam FoundationEnglish 24Video DVD
20av_6Oru Oorula Oru Oorani VayalagamTamil−(English Subtitle)14Video DVD
21av_20Mitigating DroughtVayalagamEnglish14Video DVD
22av_22Sustaining LivelihoodsRFDPEnglish23Video DVD
23av_23Transforming LivelihoodsVayalagam FoundationEnglish11Video DVD
24av_24Vanishing WisdomCDCEnglish16Video DVD
25av_25Water & CommunitiesCALLEnglish8Video DVD
26av_26Micro Pension for PoorPeople MutualsEnglish8Video DVD
27av_27Mava GondawanaKalanjiam FoundationEnglish21Video DVD
28av_28SamanarmalaiTourismEnglish14Video DVD
29av_30Reviving TraditionsTourismEnglish10Video DVD
30av_29Securing FuturePeople MutualsEnglish4Video DVD
31av_31A Matter of TrustPeople MutualsEnglish18Video DVD
32av_32Third EyeCDCEnglish28Video DVD
33av_33Financial Inclusion Connecting Poor and BanksINAFIEnglish7Video DVD
34av_34A DecadeKalanjiam FoundationEnglish15Video DVD
35av_35Light a HomeCFPEnglish2Video DVD
36av_36Nurturing SoilVayalagam FoundationEnglish9Video DVD
Development of Humane Action (DHAN)
Values of DHAN

1. Grassroots action

2. Collaboration

3. Enabling

4. Innovation

5. Excellence

6. Self-Regulation

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