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Safe Drinking Water

Biosand Filter

Biosand FilterThe most common and widespread health risk associated with drinking-water is microbial contamination; the diseases caused by contaminated water remain one of the major sources of disease for children and cause of considerable expenses in house holds. To avoid this, water purification at household is essential. Bio Sand Filter technology is a low cost slow sand water filter, specifically designed for intermittent use at household level. Bio sand filter is one of the cheap and cost effective technologies to remove biological contaminations. The filter is essentially a rectangular, concrete box, filled with carefully graded layers of sand.

There are lots of options available at community as well as house hold level water treatment. The main reason for introducing this house hold water treatment option is:


  • Less expensive
  • Faster to implement
  • User control, easy to operate and maintain if you have operation and maintenance knowledge
  • Made of locally available materials

Why we need Bio-sand Filters?

Contaminated water remain one of the major source of disease for children and cause considerable expenses in households. To avoid this, water purification at household becomes a necessity. The available purification devices remain costly for the poor households and are not durable. The bio-sand filter is a device that this cheap and effective in removal of dissolved particles and the pathogens.

Biosand Filters

Use of Bio-sand filters

  • Ideal for homes using water from wells, ponds, streams, lakes, springs, and shallow ground water
  • Ideal for schools, residential flats and group houses where rain water is used for drinking
  • Clean, easy and simple to operate and cause no side effects for humans
  • Does not require chemicals, electricity or energy for its operation
  • Works based on the patented Bio-sand Filter technology

How does it work?

The filter is a rectangular, concrete box, filled with graded layers of sand and gravel. Operating the filter is very simple: remove the lid, pour a bucket of water into the filter, and immediately collect the treated water in a clean container.

How does it remove contaminants?

The removal of pathogens occurs in the Bio-sand Filter due to a combination of biological and mechanical processes

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