Centre for Human Resource Development

DHAN Foundation’s core purpose is to attract and groom high quality professionals for development work. It provides opportunities to learn, grow and occupy leadership spaces in its various programmes and themes.

Centre for Human Resource Development (CHRD) is created to steer the HRD activities in the organisation and works with select academic institutes to identify and place socially concerned professionals in grassroots work.The focus is on building the needed motivation, values, attitudes and competence among the DHANites.

The Centre ensures growth of staff with well designed professional development programmes on managerial and communication skills, village studies, poverty and livelihood studies, leadership development, institution building and so on. It facilitates Mentor–Mentee mechanisms among the staff to align both individual and organisational purpose for each other’s benefit and to enhance personal and professional growth in an individual.

The Centre works towards building a culture of self–regulation by providing supportive environment for the staff to reflect on their self and the institution in the annual retreats, and to reflect on their achievements and learnings in the annual performance enabling programmes(APEP).

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Development of Humane Action (DHAN)
Values of DHAN

1. Grassroots action

2. Collaboration

3. Enabling

4. Innovation

5. Excellence

6. Self-Regulation

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