Human Resources of DHAN Foundation 

 If we are to become a nation of dignified people, we need to see the present situation of Indian villages changed.  This would need the efforts of educated and committed individuals who can facilitate developments that would accelerate this process. DHAN Foundation is an organisation which provides the space for such individuals. DHAN Foundation would like to see the number of DHANites grow exponentially to address this need.  Thatís why we are bringing out this brochure. We have tried to give as many details as possible hoping to answer all your questions.  Read the brochure carefully and get in touch if you feel you would like to explore further.  

Staff In Dhan Foundation:  There are three different cadres among professional staff, based primarily on the experience and ability. The experience of the professionals range from less than one year to twenty five years.

 Project Executives are the locus of the work in DHAN Foundation.  They work in the field in any one of the themes - currently Kalanjiam Community Banking Program (KCBP) or Vayalagam Tankfed Agriculture Development Program (VTADP). Program leaders and Team leaders are involved more with the organisational functions of co-ordination, monitoring and resource mobilisation.  Apprentices are primarily learners.

What a KCBP executive does in his work ? : The focus of the job of an executive in KKCBP gradually moves from that of a promoter to that of manager/facilitator. The phase of promoter of Kalanjiams usually lasts around two years.  Once the Federation is registered the role gradually moves to that of manager.  This role continues as long as the executive continues in the position of the chief executive of the Federation. During the promoter phase, the role of the executive focuses on building a team of local staff who are involved in group formation and management.

Another major chunk of his time is devoted to equipping the office bearers of the Kalanjiams and the Cluster Development Associations (CDAs) to perform the roles expected of them.  The core function is enabling Ė enabling the staff team and the office bearers.  This task is achieved through the process of demonstration, structured training and designing exposure visits among the Kalanjiams.

He also performs the task of establishing local linkages with the local bank, block administration and the elected representatives.  The net output expected of the tasks performed is the Kalanjiams achieving an institutional character. Institutional character can be taken to mean the practice of decision making by dialogue, concept clarity on the need for systems and practices in Kalanjiams and having the same in place.

How does a VTADP executive spend his time? : The role of the executive in VTADP program too evolves from that of promoter of Tank Farmer Associations (TFAs) to that of the manager of the District Tank Farmers Federation.  In the promotional phase, an executive in the VADP program is primarily involved in the formation of TFAs, preparation of estimates for the rehabilitation works, liaison with the District Rural Development Agencies (DRDAs) for getting sanctions and monitoring of work once the funds are released.

Formation of the associations involves identifying the appropriate tanks, educating the farmers on the need for association and getting them to contribute to the cost of rehabilitation. Parallel to this process, the plan of works for rehabilitating the tank is prepared in consultation with the farmers and the estimate for the works is also prepared. After this, the proposal for rehabilitation is submitted to the DRDAs along with the farmerís contribution. Once the proposal is sanctioned and the money released, the work shifts to monitoring of the quality of work. After completion of the rehabilitation, the executive helps the farmers purchase good quality agricultural inputs and arranges for crop cultivation training.  It is also to be noted that since the progress of work will be in different stages in the many tanks in which the work would be taking place, the executive would be expected to perform these tasks simultaneously.

The Federation is promoted in a district after the formation of a minimum number of TFAs. After the formation of the District Federation, the important tasks are to establish the identity of the Federation by establishing linkages with the district administration, DRDAs and national agencies like CAPART. Efforts are made to mobilise funds directly from these sources. He also focuses on building up a team of staff and leadership for the Federation.

Apart from these tasks, the executive time is also spent in special programs like the Oorani program (drinking water ponds) and in participating in program level capacity building events.