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Migration, a process of shifting residence, came into existence since humans started walking. Wikipedia says “migration refers to directed, regular, or systematic movement of a group of objects, organisms, or people”. Man was constantly changing his stay place according to the availability offer tile lands for shifting cultivation. This resulted in what we call now […]

Local Management of traditional tanks–need of the hour

Large numbers of small scale water bodies are effective tool for rain water harvesting at rural areas. There are 40,000 numbers of tanks in Tamil Nadu state as to harvest the rain water at rural areas and stabilize the agriculture during the north east monsoon rainfall as well as south west monsoon seasons. From the […]

Pension seminar


Demographic studies and surveys tell us that population ageing is becoming a progressively serious concern for the world today. In 1950, there were 205 million people aged over60 years in the world, which increased to 606 million in 2000.The number of aged people has tripled in the last 50 years, and is projected to […]

Bio sand filter for Sellur Vattara Kalanjiam

Sellur Vattara Kalanjiam is a federation of women self-help groups (SHGs) in the urban slums of Madurai city of Tamil Nadu.There are 232 women SHGs with3867 members spread over 17slums. This federation has taken up various activities for the development of their members besides microfinance activities such as health.


Water Resources Conservation through Watershed development

People and their environment are interdependent.Any change that occurs in the environment directly affects the people living therein. A degraded environment results in a degraded quality of life of the people. Thus efforts to reduce poverty and improve the standard of living of people must aim at improving the environment they live in. A watershed […]

Partnership to Provide Water

The centuries old tanks and ponds are the only sources of fresh water for drinking, domestic utility and irrigation in the tsunami affected coastal districts. In the absence of regular maintenance and community management, most of these water bodies are in a deteriorated condition. The livelihoods of millions of farming communities are shattered due to […]

Making Finance Inclusive: The Promise of the Self-Help Group Movement


History shows that economic growth is the most effective way to reduce poverty. However,economic growth can still leave many people in persistent poverty if they do not have the necessary capacity to participate in and benefit from the growth process. Although the chosen and conventional approaches to tackling poverty and other Millennium Development Goals […]

National summit of SHG federations on microfinance and MDGS

Microfinance is globally recognised as an effective instrument to reduce poverty and improve women empowerment. Microfinance is not a mere financial instrument but a powerful tool for development to address multiple dimensions of poverty by addressing the issue of health,education, gender and environment. The experience across India and other countries has shown a robust potential […]

Importance of linking microfinance with livelihood promotion for tribal development

Microfinance has emerged as a major intervention aimed at poverty reduction.Access to financial services-savings, credit, insurance,money transfer-is one element of human development.Microfinance as a developmental concept provides such access to the so far unserved strata of the population-those who earn low incomes, own few assets and are constrained in voicing out their interests. As per […]

Potential of SHGs in Achieving Comprehensive Financial Inclusion

DHAN Foundation has over two decades of experience in microfinance through its Kalanjiam Community Banking Programme (KCBP).DHAN’s model of microfinance emphasises on empowerment of the women and addressing poverty by going beyond ‘microfinance’. The model has been demonstrated in diverse contexts viz. rural, urban, periurban and tribal spread over 36 districts in the country.As on […]