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Personality Perfection Camp

Humane Trust, Madurai conducts value building camp to children every year. This year a “Personality Perfection Camp” was conducted for the benefit of students of 6th to 10th class from villages/slums in and around Madurai. The duration of the camp was from 10 – 12th May 2010 for which students were asked to assemble at […]

Ecosystem based watershed development for environment sustainability

Watershed development and management

Watershed is defined as a geo-hydrological entity or an area, which drains at a common point on the drainage system. It is bounded by the ridgeline, which starts from and closes at the same common draining point duly encircling the watershed area. The area of the micro watersheds ranges from […]

Masavanatham tank and its impact on livelihoods


Tank based watershed is a natural unit. Its boundaries are defined by the topography. Watershed is a living system governed by the natural laws. Watershed development is the conservation and regeneration of the entire catchments area of drainage line through different physical and vegetative measures. The goal of the watershed development is to prevent […]

Farming with a pond

The state of Odisha though is endowed with abundant natural resources yet she continues to be one of the poorer states even after almost 60 years of planned activities by Centre and State government. An important feature of the population of the state is the presence of 38.25 percent (2001 census) of weaker section comprising […]

DEWATS in Tata-Dhan Academy

Tata-Dhan Academy (TDA) is the only development school in India with a mission of creating development professionals to work with the poorest sections of the society. Graduates of the academy work with organizations which work directly with the community. TDA offers Post-Graduation in Development Management for those interested in becoming development professionals. The two-year diploma […]

Chithirai festival 2010

Before writing down my experiences of the Chithirai festival, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Annerieke Nijenhuis, student from the Netherlands. I’m participating in the course, International Business and Management studies, at Avans University for Applied Science, at Breda. At the moment I’m doing an internship at DHAN Foundation and INAFI India. […]

Ahar Pyne in Bihar


Ahar-Pyne system is an indigenous irrigation technology, which has been evolved based on the particular natural, geographical and agro-climatic conditions of the region. The ahar-pyne system of irrigation was overwhelmingly more important in South Bihar, where it was irrigating about 35 % of 2.5 mha of cropped land during the first two decades of […]

Electoral Democracy in India

The Election Commission of India (ECI) is a constitutional body vested with the responsibilities of superintendence,direction and control of conduct of elections. It consists of a Chief Election Commissioner and two election commissioners. The ECs and the CEC are appointed by the President on the advice of the Council of Ministers. They are accorded the […]

Together we can!

Koraput is a typical tribal pocket having different opinions. Some visualizes it as a showcase of extreme poverty in Koraput, Bolangir and Kalahandi (KBK) region and extreme naxalism. But Koraput is a rich area with poor people. It is full of natural resources either misutilised or under utilized. What it lacks is proper mobilization and […]

Azolla cultivation facilitates cattle rearing


Gudiyatham is famous for its tender coconuts. Earlier it was called as “Chinna Sivakasi”, now as there has been growth in match stick industries. It is located to North-west of Vellore city. It is one of the backward taluks of backward district of Vellore. Poverty in Gudiyatham can be witnessed in many dimensions like […]