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Mutual insurance in RFDP


Rainfed Farming Development Programme (RFDP) of DHAN Foundation is in operation since 2002. Rainfed farmers are motivated, trained and supported to take up various kinds of site specific activities in their agricultural lands to increase their family income. The broad activities are in the areas of agricultural land development, soil health enhancement, crop production […]

Participation in the GEF Assembly held at Uruguay

Global Environment Facility (GEF) is an international organization promoted by World Bank and UN organizations to build sustainable environment. It was promoted at the beginning of nineties and more than 184 countries are members, inclusive of developing and under developed countries. India became member of GEF in the year 1994 and it is one of […]

Experience of renovating the supply channel

About the tank

Seetoorani Kanmai is a tank located in Manakulam village, Soorakulam pilaruthan panchayat, Manamadurai block, Sivagangai district. The tank has registered acayut of 64.5 acres. There are three wells and two pump sets in the command area of the tank. Major crops grown in this command area are paddy, sugarcane and ground nut. […]

DHAN facilitates corporate social responsibility to ITC

Mission Suneharakal is the brand ITC-MSK postulates for positioning its corporate social responsibilities. It provided financial assistance for tank based water shed development, farm based entrepreneurship and capacity building to DHAN Foundation for implementation of project at Singampunari block, Sivagangai district. The over all objective of the project is to enhance socio economic condition of […]