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Enhancing livelihoods and ecosystems – role of small water bodies in India

1.0. Introduction

In rural India, tanks/ponds have been playing very vital role in socio, cultural, economic and environment development. Tanks & Ponds are the common property of Indian villages and support the livelihoods of the marginalized community in rural, urban, coastal and tribal areas of India. These small scale water bodies generate substantial income to […]

Revalorizing Small Millets: An action research project

About the Project

The action research project ‘Revalorising Small Millets in Rainfed Regions of South Asia’ aims to increase production and consumption of nutritious small millets and associated pulse and oil seed crops in rainfed regions of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It focuses on overcoming existing constraints related to production, distribution and consumption of […]

India Water Week

DHAN Foundation, Madurai took part in a week long “India Water Week” convened by Minsitry of Water Resources, Government of India, New Delhi. The event got organized at Vigyan Bhavan, India Habitat Center and Central Board of Irrigation and Power(CBIP)between 10th April 2012 to 14th April,2012. The inauguration was done by Shri.Manmohan Singh, Honorable […]

DHAN – Axis Bank Foundation project for Conservation of Small Scale Irrigation Tanks

About the project

A pilot project for conserving small scale irrigation tanks for livelihood protection of farm families relying on agriculture and allied activities using tanks water as the source is under progress in Pambar-Kottakariyar river basin in South India. This model project is the collaborative effort of Axis Bank Foundation and DVTF to revive […]

Know Your Heritage

Madurai- Athens of the South

Of all the ancient cities of India, Madurai has a unique place with its literary efflorescence, puranic glories and continuous long history. Madurai has trade contacts with the cities situated on the banks of river Ganges and as well as the Greeks and Romans. Even today, Madurai keeps its glorious […]

Combating Desertification by Reviving small water bodies

An overview of Desertification and Climate Change implications:

In India around 81 Million hectares of land in India is in the process of desertification, as per the ‘desertification status map’ created by the Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO). The study which used satellite imagery from an Indian Remote sensing satellite, Resourcesat, also reveals that a […]

Mitigating Droughts and Floods – Mutual Risk Reduction

1.0 Introduction

Disaster is a sudden and unexpected or extraordinary misfortune, causing damage to the community and community infrastructures. The disaster can happen to an Individual, a family, small group, a community or a region, a nation or the entire world.


Revitalizing Irrigation Tanks for Ensuring a Food Secure Future: Contributions of Vayalagams in South India


Water and Poverty has a close nexus. Poverty is in general a complex, multi-dimensional issue challenging the growth and development of underprivileged across the world, most particularly in the developing nations like India. Within the on-going debate over water and poverty nexus, the agricultural water holds an important place. While the solutions to many […]

Freebies – Does it serve the Purpose?

Our economy was in a crisis situation at the timewhen our country got Independence. The industrial, nfrastructural, transport and communication facilities that we see now were much lacking. Majority of the population depended on agriculture for their daily living. Still people were hard working and content with what they earned. Availing loan was perceived as […]

DHAN Foundation bags Jindal Prize 2011

DHAN Foundation bags Jindal Prize 2011 for its contributions in rural development and poverty alleviation. The prize carries a cash contribution of Rs. 1 crore to further its initiatives. The Jindal Prize has been instituted by Dr. Sitaram Jindal to accolade exceptional service of current significance rendered by individuals or organisations for the welfare […]