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An 11th century Shiva temple in a remote village Vikramangalam of southern tamilnadu, stands as a symbol of forgotten history. This village is an important Heritage village I Madurai District, situated 25 m west of the city. According to historians the village is an important trade center during the Chola regime and is in the traditional trade route to Chera Kingdom.
This village named as VIRAMCHOLAPURAL in the name of the king Vikrama chola Pandiant(Grand son of Great RajaRajaCholan), when the Chola kingdom ruled this place. Later the name got changed to Vikramangalam. A more than 1000 year old Siva temple constructed with the support with all traditions of Pandia Architecture stand in the middle of the village. The stones which were used to build the temple were exceptionally strong, and that’s why the temple can withstand and stand over the 1000 years period. The carved pillars and sculpture in the temple stands as a proof a architechtural knowledge that the traditional people had.
The temple also has stone inscriptions of Pandia King Maravarma Parakirama Pandian (1087 A.D -1104 A.D),Sadayavarma Kulasekara Pandian (1190A.D -1218 A.D) and Sadayavarma Sundarapandian (1261 A.D-1271A.D) who ruled this place was existed in the inner side of the temple wall .This inscription says that the name of this temple is MADUROTHAYA ESWARAMUDAIYAR TEMPLE .Near this temple one Well namely PANDIA WELL IS existing. On the way to Mudalaikulam from this Vikramangalam there is a small hillock namely UNDANKAL where Jain caves with beds and Tamil Brahmi Inscriptions dated back 2 century B.C is exists.
Other than the elders in the village who recalls the historical importance of the place, nobody in the village at present knows the historical significance of the temple and the village. Such heritage places needs be preserved by spreading the historical significance of the site. Awareness and education should be given to local people so that they take care of such village sites.

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