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Justice at door steps: Microjustice


Access to justice for smaller legal issues confronted by them remains elusive for larger proportion of poor people living in our country. This obstacle hinders their active participation in the society and thereby their social development. Making easy the provision of justice to such micro legal problems in termed as ‘Micro justice’.
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Imidacloprid found to kill bees

Imidacloprid is the bestselling neonicotinoid insecticides all over the world including India. The pesticide is used to kill sucking and biting insects. A study published in the German science journal Naturwissenschaften, reveals how bees given minute doses of the widely used pesticide imidacloprid became more vulnerable to infections from a deadly parasite, nosema. Bee experts described this as clear evidence of the role pesticides play in the plight of bees.
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Growing NPA in SHGs

NABARD has expressed its concern over the growing NPA in SHGs in the recent years, in the 2011-12 report of Status of SHGs in India. In absolute terms, the gross NPA against loans to SHGs increased from `1474 crore at the end of March 2011 to `2213 crore by March 2012.
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Coir changed my life


Jaya aged 36 is a very ordinary woman living in a village called Silvarpatti, in Periyakulam Taluk, Theni District, Tamilnadu, India. No one expected that she would one day become an entrepreneur and also become the Secretary of Periyakulam Coir Cluster Kalanjiam producer company Ltd. How she got this opportunity and grabbed it to raise her standard of living and also her leadership qualities. This is her story.
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One Village-One Variety scheme launched

One Village- One Variety scheme, a project on Cotton Cultivation was launched in Sengapadai Village, Thirumangalam, Taluk, and Madurai District on 09.08.2012. This scheme of Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) is implemented in Sengapadai and surrounding villages by DHAN Foundation, under its rainfed agricultural development program. The Thirumangalam Uzavar Maamandram, the federation of rainfed farmers promoted by DHAN Foundation will play a major role in implementing this scheme.
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Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic

How Microlending lost its way and Betrayed the Poor

Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic- How Microlending lost its way and betrayed the poor was a book written by Hugh Sinclair who had first hand experience on working in microfinance institutions and also in some microfinance funds.
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Urea deep placement technology

Urea is the nitrogenous fertilizers widely used by millions of rice farmers across the globe both forirrigated and rain-fed rice. Many farmers still practice broadcasting method of urea application to fertilize paddy plants standing in flooded water. Continue reading Urea deep placement technology

Earth Summit 2012

The Earth Summit was held from 3rd June to 14th June, 1992. This United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) (Rio Earth Summit) was attended by 152 world leaders.
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Water Sector Approaches to Combat Climate Change

1.0 Climate Change and Impacts on water

Every day, the humanity needs more water across the globe to produce food to meet the demands of about one billion people added every year. One of the very important aspects of the impacts of climate change relates to the equity implications of changes that have been happening as well as likely to happen in the future. And given the status of economic strength, institutional capacities and required capacities of the agrarian countries like India, the loss of livelihoods and opportunities to maintain even subsistence levels of existence might occur. Increase in temperature, changes in rainfall pattern, distribution and intensity is already observed which pose a serious threat to food security, livelihoods and shelter.
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Livelihood status in Chittoor tank region


Chittoor is one of the most drought prone districts in Andhra Pradesh, where droughts and crop failure is a common scene almost every year due to erratic rainfall, depleted ground water and degraded water harvesting structures. Despite all these development issues the marginal and small farmers are trying to lead a descent life with their own adaptive measures like changes in cropping pattern, shifting to alternate livelihoods like dairying etc.,
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