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Experience of SFURTI, Periyakulam Coir Cluster

India is rich in natural resources. India has wide range of traditional village based industries like pottery, coir, apiary, metal or wood carving. In order to regenerate the traditional industries; Government of India has launched the Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI) for development of around 100 clusters from khadi, village and […]

One Institution – Multiple Benefits

Vettaikaranirruppu is a village Panchayat, comprising of five hamlets located in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. All the 1500 families, following different caste systems and religions live in the same Panchayat, are listed under backward, most backward and scheduled class. The settlement pattern of the village is based on caste and religion. People belonging to […]

Masavanatham tank and its impact on livelihoods


Tank based watershed is a natural unit. Its boundaries are defined by the topography. Watershed is a living system governed by the natural laws. Watershed development is the conservation and regeneration of the entire catchments area of drainage line through different physical and vegetative measures. The goal of the watershed development is to prevent […]

Farming with a pond

The state of Odisha though is endowed with abundant natural resources yet she continues to be one of the poorer states even after almost 60 years of planned activities by Centre and State government. An important feature of the population of the state is the presence of 38.25 percent (2001 census) of weaker section comprising […]

Azolla cultivation facilitates cattle rearing


Gudiyatham is famous for its tender coconuts. Earlier it was called as “Chinna Sivakasi”, now as there has been growth in match stick industries. It is located to North-west of Vellore city. It is one of the backward taluks of backward district of Vellore. Poverty in Gudiyatham can be witnessed in many dimensions like […]

Weaving the tomorrows… Endogenous Tourism in Karaikudi


Tourism is one of the world’s leading Global industries(11% of Global GDP). The World Tourism Organization estimates that there will be 1.5 billion tourists in2020, representing 21% of world population. Strong population growth in developing regions is set to attract almost 50% of international tourists in 2020. The World Tourism Organization notes that with […]

Returning to Nature – Philosophy and Practice of Zero Budget Natural Farming

One in three people in India is a farmer with farming as their only source of livelihood. It is obvious that the key to economic growth lays in the growth of agriculture. Particularly, to revive the vibrancy of the rural economy, and to ensure rural development, ‘natural farming’ can show us the way.


Farm pond brings the family out of poverty

Farm pond is a small scale water harvesting structure in a farm land, which stores water during rainfall. The source of water to these farm ponds would be rain water, springs, and so on. Generally two types of farm ponds are constructed for water harvesting.

• Dug out ponds: which is rectangular or square shaped, […]

Sustainability of Community pisciculture in Indian rural villages


DHAN Foundation has taken up fish rearing activity in rural villages through community under Tele food special fund approved by FAO of UN. This project was proposed mainly to provide nutritional food for rural villages in a sustainable way. Community organizations are formed as Tank users groups called VAYALAGAMs and Micro finance groups (Small […]