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National summit of SHG federations on microfinance and MDGS

Microfinance is globally recognised as an effective instrument to reduce poverty and improve women empowerment. Microfinance is not a mere financial instrument but a powerful tool for development to address multiple dimensions of poverty by addressing the issue of health,education, gender and environment. The experience across India and other countries has shown a robust potential […]

Reach.. Touch.. and Teach..! CBOA – DHAN Model Community School

Education is the universal right to all the children of school going age. It has been widely recognized and accepted by all the countries and world level organizations. But getting a good education is a dream in many of the remote villages. DHAN Foundation through its intensive work of imparting quality education to the poor […]

Ensuring Food Security

Food security

The World Food Summit of 1996 defined food security as existing “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life”. Food security is built on three pillars – food availability, accessibility and use. Agriculture remains the largest employment sector in most developing […]

Leelavathi turns entrepreneur: Achieving Productive Employment

Leelavathi enrolls in Kalanjiam

There are many causes of poverty but ultimately the poor are poor because they earn too little from what they do. The debts from usurious money lenders take away all the fruits of hard work in the form of interest and compounded interest. Leelavathi was one such poor woman who was […]

Turning the Tide: Enabling Poverty Reduction


It is rare to find a woman shoulder the responsibility of farming. It is usually the male counterpart who takes up the farm responsibility, but it is not so in the life of Kamatchi. She owns around 4.5 acres of rainfed land, and lives with her husband and their two sons in Sengapadai village […]