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National Food Security Bill – A long way to go

The Background

The draft of the National Food Security Bill was tabled in the parliament recently as promised in the election manifesto of the congress which evoked a mixed response. The objective of the proposed law is hence “to provide for food and nutritional security…by ensuring access to adequate quantity of quality food at affordable […]

Draft National Water Policy 2012 – A review

The Need for a National Water Policy

An incident that happened in 1995 remains afresh in my mind even after all these years. I and my friend were shopping in a busy area in Coimbatore. We happened to see a posh car stopping nearby and two hands came out of its window, one hand washing […]

Freebies – Does it serve the Purpose?

Our economy was in a crisis situation at the timewhen our country got Independence. The industrial, nfrastructural, transport and communication facilities that we see now were much lacking. Majority of the population depended on agriculture for their daily living. Still people were hard working and content with what they earned. Availing loan was perceived as […]

Making Finance Inclusive: The Promise of the Self-Help Group Movement


History shows that economic growth is the most effective way to reduce poverty. However,economic growth can still leave many people in persistent poverty if they do not have the necessary capacity to participate in and benefit from the growth process. Although the chosen and conventional approaches to tackling poverty and other Millennium Development Goals […]

Mainstreaming Development Paradigm


The December 2004 Tsunami was an opportunity for DHAN Foundation to initiate the process of development in the coastal context. The process of relief, restoration and rehabilitation was done with difference. The difference is that it was planned and implemented by and through the community and community organisations leading to quick recovery, restoration and […]

Tank Based Watershed Development


In 1970s, watershed development had no special significance for the development community in India. Some of the projects that became success stories and household names, like Sukhomajri and Ralegon Sidhi, were already underway, but received very little attention. However, the situation changed radically by the end of the 1980s. The major examples of watershed […]

Giving Back to the Soceity

Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Trusteeship that reminds us of the contribution of great people for better humanity and makes common people as change makers. I would like to start with Mr. Einstein’s quote “Everyday I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labours of other men, living and dead, and […]