The Winners are...

We, at Centre for Development Communication of DHAN Foundation, are glad to inform the winners of VIII Development Film Festival.

  • Seeds of Dissent by Pankaj Rishi Kumar
  • Earth Witness - Reflections on the Time and Timeliess by Akansha Joshi/Rajiv Mehotra
  • Cotton for my shroud by Nandan saxena & Kavitha Bahl

About the Festival

The Development Film Festival is envisioned to be a creative platform for the film makers to showcase their works on the themes and issues concerning development of the poor and vulnerable communities. The Centre for Development Communication of DHAN Foundation organises this Festival. The centre feels raising the public awareness and political will is imperative to promote and sustain any development action. It requires multi–media strategies for promoting participation, creating ownership, involving in decision making and management of resources that could impact peoples' lives. The Festival organised every year on a selected theme in development intends to create a platform for the development film makers to screen their products and to promote the public view, debate and meaningful action around the issues.