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Project Highlights
District: Ramanathapuram

Benefiting people: 80
Nature of work: Renovation of Oorani

Total Cost: Rs. 4,50,000

Villagers: Rs. 1,12,500
Donors: Rs. 3,37,500
Dhan: Rs. 50,000
Donations so far:
Received: Rs. 0
Committed: Rs. 0
Funds needed: Rs. 3,37,500

Work status:
Awaiting Funds
Completion target:
Dec 2013

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Ramasamudrapuram is a hamlet of Pappureddiayapatti Panchayat located in Kamudi Block, Ramanathapuram District. Water is scarcely available in this block as it receives 800mm raifall per year. The ground water is saline in nature due to sea water intrusan. Therefore, people of this village depends ground water sources for both drinking and domestic needs.

Status of Drinking Water in the Village

Ramasamudram oorani is located at the center of this village. This oorani receives water during rainfall and caters drinking and domestic water needs to the villagers for four months. Government has provided borewell and pipelines for villagres water needs. As this water is not good enough for drinking, people prefer oorani (Common Pond)water. It has a well in its water spread area and the structures of this well are in damaged condition. Villagers use well water for the drinking and oorani water for domestic purpose. Due to increased siltation over the years, the water stoage capacity of the oorani is reduced. This oorani needs deepening for increasing water holding capacity and reconstruction of well structures for safety and getting damaged further, avoiding contamination and proper filteration of oorani water for drinking purpose. Fencing is also needed for preventing the entry of stray dogs, livestocks and human beings to prevent from pollution and dumping the waste materials in to the oorani. The incidence of salination and water borne diseases are visible in this village.

After depletion of oorani water, the villgers starts taking the water suppied by government system, which is saline in nature and leads to water salinity related diseases.

Way Forward and Expected Benefits

OOrani deepening, reconstruction of damaged well structures and fencing would ensure pure drinking water to the people. Deepening would increase the storage capacity of the ooarni which would further increase the availability of drinking water for more months. People will be relieved from salination and water borne diseases.

Before Construction

Before Construction

Before Construction

Villagers Speak Before Construction...

“Drinking water problem is biggest problem before us. Especially after oorani water depletion, the problem increases to many fold.”


Particulars Total Funds Needed (Rs.) People Contribution (Rs.) Donor Contribution (Rs.)

Oorani deepening, reconstruction of structures of well and fencing.




Percentage Contribution   25 % 75 %

Over the above budget DHAN Foundation contributes Rs. 50,000 by providing professional and techno managerial support to the community.

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