1. Strengthening of Panchayat Forum Meetings

  • Strengthening the Gramasabha forum so as to actively participate the common people and actively involve in the decision making process at panchayat level.
  • Facilitating the panchayat councils to conduct the council meetings regularly with quality; The newly elected ward members are motivated to actively participate in the panchayat council meetings.
  • Facilitating the working committees at panchayat level to actively take part in the village panchayat to play the complementing role to improve the performance of the village panchayats.

2. Capacity building programme

  • To build the capacity of elected representatives like panchayat presidents, ward members, various activities are implemented. Structured training programmes and exposure visits are organized regularly.
  • The voters as an important stakeholder in panchayats they are organized for imparting structured training. Usually the active SHG members and leaders are organized for this kind of training. This will enable them to understand more about their role and responsibilities in local bodies and will inspire them to actively take part in the systems.

3. Microplanning and implementation

Panchayat level planning is envisaged to prepare by the people in the panchayats. To strengthen the democratic system at panchayat level, the microplan practices are envisaged. Secondly, the plan prepared with the participatory way is encouraged to implement with true sprit by the panchayats. This micro plan is usually prepared for five years with more focus on current year plan.


4. Panchayat education programme

Panchayat education for the potential active participants with the panchayat system is provided for strengthening the panchayat concept. Especially educated youths and SHG community is the main target people for this programme. This programme offered one year distance education programme. It provides very good learning opportunity for the panchayat stakeholders through structured education system.


5. Updating the voterlist

Updation of the voterlist is one of the activities in panchayat programme in which the working panchayats are facilitated to update the list every year. By this way the voterlist is refined and through which the polling performance is improved.


6. Facilitating the social security programme at panchayat level

As a primary level governance, the village panchayats are motivated to implement social security programme like Life Insurance product. The well know LIC product JBY is implemented through the village panchayats. The village panchayats are acted as nodal agencies for this programme.


7. Facilitating the Microjustice programme

The village panchayats are motivated to initiate microjustice programme at panchayat level to provide judicial services to the community at their door steps. The panchayats are approached the District legal aid authority and launch the legal aid clinic at their panchayats. Every week the clinic is functioning primarily the family issues, entitlement related issues, and other minor cases are resolved at this clinic.


8. Facilitating the democratic practices

Since the village panchayats are primary level democratic institution, there is vast scope for strengthening the direct democracy at village level. Towards fostering direct democracy, some democratic practices are initiated at village panchayat level. Viz. Social audit process, Panchayat parliament etc.