Grama Sabha Meetings


Grama Sabha concept created more expectations at the time of 73rd constitutional amendments came in practice. It was treated as Grama Parliament. It was meant for direct democracy at village level. But in practice, it was not fulfilled the expectation even at smaller way. Our system made the Grama Sabha concept more ineffective. This can be rebuilt by way of active participation of the people institutions. The demand stream has power to regulate the mainstream systems. So, all the members of people Institutions can be enabled to make their active participation in their respective Grama Sabha meetings. This will create a very positive atmosphere at the grassroots level democracy. When the grass roots democracy gets strengthened the sustainability of the People Institutions will in many fold.

After initiating the new theme `Panchayat’, steps were taken to conduct the Gramasabha meetings regularly in the concerned panchayats, where we have initiated the experimentation. The quality of the meeting and participation of the People have also increased. Particularly, all functional groups members were made to participate in the meetings.