Programme Components






Institution Building

To strengthen Gram Saba & Panchayat Council through primary functional groups and village level Traditional systems

It is the fundamental component to organize community, test democratic practices and inculcating good governance


Multi year micro planning and Implementation

To habituate the Panchayats towards preparing and implementing their own micro plan every year

Planning by the people is mandate for ethical democratic system. This component will aim for developing and mainstreaming the people’s plan with government institutions. Also this component will address the process of implementation 


Policy advocacy

To sharing and advocate on the issues related to PRI performance to the mainstream institution towards creating facilitative environment

Advocating for positive changes in the policies based on the grassroots realities is critical element to strengthen the local governance. This component will be working for that purpose, by consolidating the voices of Panchayat representatives, community and other stakeholders and posting it in the right forum. 


Addressing poverty

To enable the leadership among Poor, and to facilitate for creating pro poor governance at grassroots level

Poverty reduction is the core purpose and mission of DHAN. It is globally proved and accepted phenomena that, Good governance will trigger poverty reduction. The theme is working on the same line towards bringing pro – poor governance at grassroots level   


Capacity Building

Inculcating the concepts and principles of local governance and Democracy to the stakeholders with right A S K aspects

Capacity building is crosscutting component to all other project components works for sensitization, orientation and developing right attitude and skill relating to Panchayat governance.


TTransparency in governance

Setting up of mechanisms to make the Panchayat system accountable to community

The basic purpose of democracy lies in the structure and procedures of citizen access with the governing system. Transparency is not just sharing of information. It is about right of the demand system and duty of supply system. With this component transparency in Panchayat governance is getting addressed


Self sufficiency

Creation of assets and income sources for Panchayats

The Panchayat system will be more viable and useful if it does what it wants. Financial freedom is the basic ingredient for becoming local SELF government. But most of the Panchayats are surviving only on state / central govt. grants and development schemes. With this component we are trying to attempt conscious attempt on investments for increasing Panchayat own income.