Scaling-Up Small Millets Post-Harvest and Nutritious Food Products

Scaling up the reach of appealing small millet food products

Lack of appealing nutritious small millet products is one of the important reasons for not being able to break the social stigma associated with the consumption of small millets (known as the grain for the poor). Earlier CIFSRF project have developed over 40 small millet traditional and modern food products. These products raised the profile and appeal of small millets among rural and urban consumers and the profile and appeal of small millets and represent an interesting opportunity for food business enterprises. The project plans to expand the availability and access to small millet food products to large number of consumers through private and public efforts. This will be done through developing marketing strategies; offering business development support to SMEs and micro enterprises and FPOs; offering business enabling support; facilitating collaboration of actors – the government, private and the public; and introduction of millet in the product line of some of the big food players.