Event 1

Event : ” Recipe Demonstration for Caterers”.
Date : 18-03-2017.
Place : DHAN Foundation, Madurai.
Participants : Caterers.

Resource - person : Mrs.Rojaramani (entrepreneur of food enterprise “Nila Choru” at T.Kallupatti)


Providing training to caterers on modern recipes through small millet to caterers, in turn, they can cook modern small millet food items in family functions.

Encouraging to regularize the eating habits of small millets in a wider scale.

What happened

The resource person demonstrated modern recipes namely, Panneer Barnyard Millet Briyani, Kodo Millet Pizza Dosai, Multi Millet Cauliflower stuffed Chappathi, Multi Millet Pongal, Small Millets Cheese Roles, Ragi Greens Rotti and Millet Pan Cake.

Follow up

  1. The participants started adding small millet food on their regular diet.
  2. Encouragement was given to the participants to start small millet based enterprises.
  3. Encouragement was given to two participants to include the small millet food products in to their existing busines.


  1. The participants learnt to prepare new small millets recipes
  2. The participants assured starting small millet enterprises
  3. The participants, who were running the enterprises, assured to include small millet products in their enterprises.

Event 2

Place : Post-harvest Technology Center, TNAU,Coimbatore.
Date : 23-03-2017 & 24-03-2017.
Place : Post-harvest Technology Center, TNAU,Coimbatore.
Participants : Entrepreneurs of Food Enterprises.

Resource - person : Dr.Malathi from TNAU and Dr.Gurumeenekshi from TNAU.


Providing an opportunity for clarifying the practical issues they faced in packaging & labeling of food products and food hygienic aspects.

What happened

Day 1: The rigid and flexible packaging of food materials were explained to the participants and demonstration of packing equipment was done.

Day 2: Food safety issues and hygienic practices to be followed were discussed.

Follow up

Encouraging the entrepreneurs to adopt attractive packing & labeling methods with their financial position.

Encouraging the entrepreneurs to practice good hygiene practices in production of food products.


The entrepreneurs understood different types of packaging methods.

The entrepreneurs were aware about the contents to be mentioned in labeling.

The entrepreneurs learnt how to practice food hygiene in their enterprises.

Event 3

Event : “Livelihood Enhancement Training for Micro Food Enterprises”.
Date : 25-03-2017.
Place : DHAN Office (Rajaji Nagar, Krishnagiri).
Participants : Pull-cart street vendors.

Resource - person :Dr.Pushparaj from FSSAI, Krishnagiri.


Improving Pull-cart street vendors’ livelihood through practicing hygienic practices in their enterprises.

What happened

The participants were given training to improve the way of practicing hygienic practices in their enterprises. The resource person explained about the importance of FSSAI certificate & rules for getting FSSAI.

Follow up

  1. Supporting to get FSSAI certificate for the participants.
  2. Supporting the participants for buying hygienic materials.


  1. Every participant got aware of hygienic practices to be followed in the enterprises.
  2. Every participant assured to get FSSAI certificate for the enterprise.

Event 4

Event : Training Program on Small Millet Processing in Odisha.
Date : 27-03-2017 & 28-03-2017.
Place : Center for Resource, Koraput in Odisha.
Participants : Machinery Operators.


Offering training on how to operate and maintain small millet processing unit.

What happened

Dr.Madhvikarti,USA explained the need for promoting small millet foods and their nutritional values.

Dr. Dwiji explained the technologies used in processing of small millets.

Mr.Mariyappan explained about the technical terms used in small millet processing equipment.

Follow up

Created contact link between equipment manufactures and machinery operators in order to get more knowledge about machineries involved in small millet processing.


The knowledge of operators on quality assurance and improve the quality of small millet rice were increased.