013 Heritage 2017

Spreading the fragrance of culture and development to youth


India is known for its diverse culture, tradition, and values. Our rich heritage evolved over thousands of years and were integral parts of our ancestors’ daily lives, but many of our traditions have not been preserved by our present generation. Unintentionally, youth have swayed from or forgotten these traditions, and elders do not take the efforts to teach them to their children. This alienation of youth from traditional knowledge and culture should be reduced.

The student community is potentially one of the best tools for preserving these cultures. To facilitate this, Tata-Dhan Academy has designed “Heritage” to raise student awareness of traditional knowledge from rural villages around Madurai, while also building the development perspective of students. Tata-Dhan Academy feels it is the moral responsibility of students to perform community-centric development activities as a form of “educational social responsibility”.

What makes Heritage unique?

Guiding the design of “Heritage” are the concepts of 3Ds and 3Rs.

  • The 3Ds stand for “Do, Document, and Disseminate”.

    Participants will acquire wisdom from the community through different activities, and they will document and share this knowledge to facilitate further action. The synthesis of knowledge gained would also be shared with the community.

  • The 3Rs stand for “Respect, Relate, and Relevant”.

    It is expected that all the participants will have deep respect for village traditions and culture. The events would all directly relate with the village’s traditions and its development issues, and the issues have been selected based on their relevance to the community.



In this event the participating students are expected to present the folk songs used by their ancestors while performing different activities in their daily life. This will be performed in the village.


In this event, the participants will discuss upon current topics of today. It is a chance for them to express their ideas and thoughts relating with micro and macro contexts.


This event proposes to carry many development initiatives and development related challenges. This is the time for students to prove their knowledge and skills in outside world.


Documentaries are the sources of presenting the social realities. The students are expected to present a 5-minute video documentary on the traditions of our country using their video camera or cell phone camera.


This event is an opportunity to perform, prove, and demonstrate the trye meaning of “Team”.


In this event the students are expected to show the talent in painting on culture and traditions they have to bring related materials (paintings, brushes etc.) of their own.


This event enables the studnets to reflect their ideas on traditional culture and practices with the help of colours in a creative way


Street plays are being performed since our ancestor’s period. It is one of the powerful methods to educte the rural masses about the various social issues and values practices at individual, family and societal level. In this event, the students are expected to perform on given theme in front of the village communities.


Creating writings can spread powerful message. The students would test the creativity in writing poems about the traditions and current social /developmental.


This event is meant for promoting traditional products, which are relevant but vanishing slowly or vanished in the rural areas.


In this event, the students are expected to bring the traditional things which were being used by our ancestors including musical instruments and exhibit them by reflecting its relevance in the present context.

Heritage 2017: Tata-Dhan Academy

T. Malaipatti, Thenkarai PO,
Mullipallam SO, Sholavandan (via)
Vadipatti Taluk, Madurai 625 207
Tamil Nadu, India
Email: tatadhanacademy@dhan.org
Website: http://dhan.org/tda/heritage

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