We planned to identify 200 students in each region and to provide continuing education for six months in their regional languages with the support of DHAN People Academy (DPA) which is specialised institution for such continuing distance education programmes. Herealso we could face a big challenges on preparing course materials for the students education programme in their regional languages. Secondly, identifying 200 students in the tribal region of Koraput, Bagidora and Pipiloda was also a challenge for us. So, we took more efforts on preparing the course materials with the support of the local team. It took almost 6 months to prepare materials for Hindi, Odiya and Kannada language. The course material in Tamil & English was prepared first and the same material was prepared in other regional languages.

Secondly, identifying students in Tamil Nadu was relatively easy and it was a tough job for ensuring 200 students in Koraput, Bagidora and Pipiloda. However the local team took continuous efforts and identified enough number of students for SEP.

To overcome the challenges and manage the backlog, we could able to merge the two programmes as one programme and enrolled 1000 students for SEP in DPA on –December 2015 month.

After the constant efforts the DPA could able to prepare education materials in all regional languages and distributed to all students. It started contact classes in all five regions to intensify their learnings. The contact classes were conducted in all the regions in smaller batches at the villages itself so that it is easy for the students not to travel. The contact classes helped to clarify all their doubts and questions.

Table : Shows the details of Students Education Programme (SEP)

S. No. Location / Region No. of Students enrolled
1 Alanganallur / Madurai / Tamilnadu 200
2 Bagidora / Banswara / Rajasthan 200
3 Koraput / Koraput / Odisha 200
4 Pipiloda / Ratlam / Madhyapradesh 200
5 Bannur / Mysore / Karnataka 200
Total 1000


In Continuation of the course material distribution to the students and contact classes, they are taken to outside institutions, as practicum programme. Bringing them to panchayats forums, District administration offices, Heritage places etc to build their knowledge and perspectives by seeing the institutions.

Such practicums are organised in all the Regions. Around students were participating in this programme. In coming months also, it will be continuing to give opportunities for all students.

Table : Shows the details of practicum programmes

S. No. Name of the lcoation No. of students attained practicum
1 Alanganallur / Madurai / Tamilnadu 53
2 Bagidora / Banswara / Rajasthan -
3 Koraput / Koraput / Odisha -
4 Pipiloda / Ratlam / Madhyapradesh -
5 Bannur / Mysore / Karnataka -