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Economic Empowerment

DHAN Foundation through its Kalanjiam Community Banking Programme has involved women federations actively in implementing microfinance activities through its federation. The federations aids the poor build assets through savings, accessing bigger credits through sustainable SHG-bank linkages, promoting insurance and pension products and services for sharing risks and old age security.

DHAN visualize women can graduate in their livelihoods ladder by accessing required livelihoods services. The process of economic empowerment would help focus on building their self confidence, self reliance and ensuring gender equity in the society. Urban Women are generally caught into the trap of money lenders for their working capital needs, as most of them are in trading and vending business. Provided with timely adequate credit at affordable rate of interests for their tiny businesses would yield them better returns. Separate line of credit for consumption prevents them from being pushed into the vulnerability trap again.

Access to credit through mainstream linkages with banks helps the women SHG’s to gain leverage of funds from the formal financial sectors. Linkage funds were affordable and it helps fasten the process of development of the poor. Cash Credit loan from banks had given confidence to the poor that timely credit is never a mirage. CC has given the much needed user-friendliness and flexibility for the poor so that they access bank loan when they need one and repay their loans more aggressively when they had reasonable income. The spread in the funds help the federations towards the path of sustainability.

The SHG’s gives women a platform to groom and exhibit their managerial and leadership traits. Initially women shy and show reservation to take the platform, yet among themselves in the groups they start demonstrating and then in their neighborhood. Many leaders had got out of their shell to become proficient community leaders. They lead by example and nurture leaders from newer groups by inspiring them to take lead.

WomenStrong Madurai

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