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Housing is a challenge for poor in urban cities. The affordability of house results in rapid expansion of slums. When managing their routine life with limited economic well being itself a tough call, poor’s accessibility to housing is a distant dream.

federation through its SHG’s has been Offering loans to lease homes

Poor in urban often shifts their homes due to differences with the house owners when they fail to pay the rent on time. The federation through its SHG’s has been offering loans to lease homes. House leasing is not that affordable to the poor, when they raise funds at exorbitant rate of interest. In SHG’s the cost of house leasing loan is 18% and it is within their means. The SHG’s offer 10-15% of their regular loans (1.1 Crores to 1.6 Crores)to the housing needs of its members.

Housing for all is a Government of India’s ambitious new initiative. It envisages to have all Indian families own a house. The 1st phase is planned from 2017 and probably ends by the year 2022. The scheme proposes to have government contribution in the form of outright subsidy or interest discounts for the beneficiaries. Madurai city is chosen in the 1st leg of the scheme to ensure housing for all in the corporation limit. DHAN Foundation generate filling in application from the more than thousand needy poor.

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