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Urban Environment

The exponential growth of the city results in stress on the Madurai city urban environment. Villages in the periphery used to evolve into new urban settlements and clustered house settlements in the city become the emerging slums. The pathetic living environment add more hazard to their living standards, risking their physical and economic well being. Adding to the menace is the pollution of water bodies and public resources.

DHAN Foundation engages with the city corporation to get effective use of community toilets in places where open defecation is pertaining due to lack or non availability of individual / community toilets. Dysfunctional toilet complex had been revived made functional.

Urban planning plays important role in ensuring the city a suitable place for living. DHAN has promoted City Resource Centre, envisage to work in close tandem with the city corporation to ensure quality of living. DHAN plays constructive role by taking part in the Corporation development initiatives and encourage local community to actively take part in the public forums organized by the corporation to raise the development issues to be addressed by the Corporation.

Increasing urbanization has led to the drainage effluent being directed in river Vaigai. Vaigai, the historical river is now the most common place having drainage sewages. Restoration of river Vaigai is key to bring a grinding halt to the depletion of river Vaigai. DHAN is working closely with the district administration and the city corporation to evolve mechanisms for the river restoration.

DHAN facilitates River Walk (Nathivalam) to promote social gathering on the river banks on the occasion of full moon day in historical landmarks. The SHGs representatives on the locality, zonal members of Vaigai river restoration committee, historians and environmental enthusiast used to get organized on the occasion. The platform brings yesteryear memories of Vaigai River in their life, thereby infusing interest among the participants on the need to reviving the river.

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