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Development of Humane Action (DHAN) Foundation, a professional development organisation, was initiated on October 2, 1997. It brings highly motivated, educated young women and men to the development sector. They would make new innovations in development to root out poverty from the country, in thus achieving the Mission of the organisation.

DHAN Foundation is a premier development institution in the country, working for the upliftment of the poor and the disadvantaged segment of the community (Know more about DHAN Foundation). The Foundation has been promoted with the objective to bring in highly motivated and educated young women and men to the development sector. Our belief is that energetic and dynamic people like you develop new innovations and upscale novel interventions in combating poverty and creating a fair and equitable society. ...Read More


Kalanjiam Foundation

Community Banking for Poverty Reduction Banking “By the People, of the People and for the People” is the philosophy behind the launch of Kalanjiam Community Banking programme in DHAN Foundation.

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Vayalagam Foundation

Water is elixir of life. It has economic, social, ecological and spiritual functions. It was on the banks of rivers and water bodies, human civilization flourished. The hydrological characteristics of the Indian

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ICT for Poor

The digital divide in accessing and using information and communication technology (ICT) between urban and rural, rich and poor, for profits and charities is ever increasing. DHAN Foundation has taken

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The DHAN Academy

The DHAN Academy, the Development Management school, is the result of partnership between DHAN Foundation and Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT), Mumbai. The Academy was begun in December 2000 and aims at becoming a Centre of Excellence in Development Management.

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Coastal Conservation and Livelihood Programme

DHAN Foundation responded immediately after the tsunami in 2004 and took up relief works. After the relief phase, DHAN took up the task of enabling the restoration of livelihood activities in the affected regions. It has now evolved into a full-fledged and area-based programme.

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Rainfed Farming Development Programme

The rainfed agriculture plays a crucial role in India, covering 68 percent of the total net sown area in 177 districts. Uncertainty in production due to fluctuations in rainfall and its distribution, decrease in relative productivity in rainfed lands affect the livelihoods of the poor and marginalised farmers.

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Small Millet Foundation

In South Asia, lack of dietary diversity is one of the key factors behind malnutrition and the prevalence of non‐communicable diseases such as diabetes. Small millets, grown as a complement to existing crops, could contribute to an answer. Performing well in marginal environments they have superior nutritional

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Working with Panchayats

The history of the village-level Panchayat institutions in India goes back hundreds of years. But, after independence, the Panchayat system was neglected. DHAN Foundation realised that these institutions need to be vibrant and responsive to the needs of the people to bring about lasting progress,

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Tourism for Development

DHAN Foundation’s Tourism for Development theme is an outcome of the four-year pilot project ‘Endogenous Tourism for Rural Livelihoods’ implemented by it in Karaikudi and Kazhugumalai in Tamil Nadu with the support of United Nations Development Programme and Government of India.

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Stories of change

Ensuring Healthy Births

Vasuki is pregnant woman from sellur area. She is born and brought up in Madurai and got married to Muthu Sadaiyandi of Theni. Theni is a neighboring district of Madurai. Her husband is a driver. As his income is very less, he got his family settled in Madurai at sellur. She had given birth to a male child ten months back. When her menstrual cycle periods got skipped she never thought it as pregnancy and assumed it as irregular periods due to her breast feeding practices.

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From a farm hand to a farmer

He was a farm hand once, working at the command of his landlord and making a living by serving his master.

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Ensuring Primary Education

“I want to became a teacher “ says Ms.Harita. She is a member of Ten roses adolescent girls group member

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Turning the Tide

It is rare to find a woman shoulder the responsibility of farming. It is usually the male counterpart who takes up

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I am the neerkattis of the Chinnakachikunta tank of Marlapalle village, says a proud Anjeppa from a

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Kalanjiam Mutual Movement leader chinnapillai got Padma Shri Award
Our Kalanjiam Mutual Movement Leader Smt Chinnapillai is honored with 4th highest civilian award, Padma Shri by the President of India.
DHAN Foundation received National Siridhanya Award 2019 under 'Best NGO' Category for its contribution to millets production, processing and consumption
Social Consciousness Entrepreneur Award - nanayam vikatan business star awards 2018
ISC-FICCI Sanitation Awards 2018 to DHAN Foundation
ISC-FICCI Sanitation Awards 2018
Excellent Performance Award by NABARD 2018 - 2019 to DHAN Foundation
Excellent Performance Award by NABARD 2018 - 2019
Aram Award 2014 to DHAN Foundation
Aram Award 2014
Sarda Equal Opportunity Award 2013 to DHAN Foundation
Sarda Equal Opportunity Award 2013
Times Of India Social Impact Awards to DHAN Foundation
Times Of India Social Impact Awards
Second Category Prize 2012 Award to DHAn Foundation
Second Category Prize 2012
Jindal Prize 2011 Award to DHAN Foundation
Jindal Prize 2011
Best NGO Award 2009 to DHAN Foundation
Best NGO Award 2009
National Tourism Award 2008 to DHAN Foundation
National Tourism Award 2008
Sree Sakthi Puraskar Award 2001 to DHAN Foundation
Sree Sakthi Puraskar Award 2001





DHAN Foundation is always a pioneering development institution to build poverty-free, gender-balanced, equitable, ecological-sensitive, democratic, just and value-based inclusive society. It creates freedom of choice to the families, groups and community to determine and develop the meaning of their lives, their identities and their life styles for the well-being of their life.


DHAN Core Values

  • Grassroots action
  • Collaboration
  • Enabling
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Self-Regulation

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