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Development of Humane Action (DHAN) Foundation, a professional development organisation, was initiated on October 2, 1997. It brings highly motivated, educated young women and men to the development sector. They would make new innovations in development to root out poverty from the country, in thus achieving the Mission of the organisation.


Building people and institutions for development innovations and scaling up to enable the poor communities for poverty reduction and self-reliance

The broad purposes for which DHAN stands are:

  • Mothering of Development Innovations: The institution intends to promote and nurture new ideas on development themes such as microfinance, small scale irrigation, dry land agriculture, and working with Panchayats which can impact on poverty in a significant manner.
  • Promoting Institutions to reach scale: Exclusive thematic organisations will be promoted to takeup development work with a sub-sectoral focus. The primary role will be to promote and ensure that quality benefits reach a large number of poor.
  • Human Resource Development: The institution would bring young professionals into the development sector and give them an opportunity to practice and develop relevant knowledge, attitudes and skills needed for long term work.

The principles guiding DHAN are:

  • Engaging high quality human resources to work at the grassroots. The focus would be to enable the poor, not deliver services.
  • Valuing collaboration with mainstream institutions and Government to demonstrate new and effective intervention to link them with the people.
  • Promoting people’s organisations to ensure entitlements and to build an effective demand system to promote people’s interest.
  • Promoting livelihoods to address the issues of poverty directly.
  • Enriching the themes and retaining sub-sectoral focus as a strategy for growth.


DHAN Foundation is always a pioneering development institution to build poverty-free, gender-balanced, equitable, ecological-sensitive, democratic, just and value-based inclusive society. It creates freedom of choice to the families, groups and community to determine and develop the meaning of their lives, their identities and their life styles for the well-being of their life.


DHAN Core Values

  • Grassroots action
  • Collaboration
  • Enabling
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Self-Regulation

Contact Us

  • dhanfoundation@dhan.org
  • +91-452-2302500 , 2302598


  • DHAN Foundation
  • 1A, Vaidyanathapuram East
  • Kennet Cross Road
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  • Tamil Nadu, INDIA