Development Film Festival DHAN Foundation

11 th Development Film Festival

About Festival

India is known for its rich and diverse culinary culture. Given the diversity in soil type, climate and farming, food heritage of the communities varies significantly and influenced by the locally available foods. Food as medicine is not something new to us; the basics of using certain foods to treat some illnesses have been well documented in our ancient texts. Our ancient wisdom on the medicinal and nutritional value of food, which has been a part and parcel of our culinary practice, needs to be preserved and passed ... Read More

Procedure for entry

Film duration must be not more than THREE MINUTES (excluding titles in the beginning and end).

The entries should be sent in DVD/ VCD format along with the filled in Submission Form.

The films can be in any of the Indian / foreign languages with English subtitle.

A filmmaker can send in any number of entries.

The films sent for competition should have been released within last five years and should have been produced with the own idea of the director. ... Read More

Development Film Festival DHAN Foundation